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“Home Project Helpers completed insulation project on my home and I have since noticed a big difference with maintaining a Constance temperature from room to room in my house especially from the main floor and the basement. I liked the fact that the project manager was on site daily to make sure all the work was completed to our original specifications report & estimate that was provided.”
Steven: Madison, WI
“I’m very satisfied with the work completed on my home with home project helpers we referred HPH to a few friends that needed improvements completed.”
Bob: Madison, WI
“I hired Home Helpers based upon the fact they could take care of all of our home improvement needs including Insulation, Concrete work & electrical it was very convenient and a real time & money saving investment. The work was completed on schedule to our surprise even with additional items we requested. I also liked the fact that company works with DVR to help train individuals with disabilities I felt very satisfied in working with a company that cares about people and making a difference.”
Joseph: Middleton, WI
“Home Project Helpers helped me with the process of getting my work approved with our condo association and I’m so grateful that I had the Home Helper team on my side during this tough process. The staff was very professional and Helpful . I love that fact that they work with so many great organizations such as the restore of Madison and really care about our environment.”
Kyla: Madison, WI
“I hired Home Project Helpers to complete my insulation but when the project started I unfortunately had water damage in my basement from heavy rains. Home Project Helpers handled my water problem for me immediately along with the original insulation work. It took away much of my stress having the crew handle all aspects of the unforeseen water damage. They will be coming back to complete My other home improvements in the near future.”
Tina: Madison, WI