To solve the Pain Point, we found a solution offering you true relief.

  • We eliminated the hours spent meeting with contractors to go over the same information.

  • We found a way to give you a good deal for your home project needs.

Simply schedule one appointment (no hassle, no obligation) with our Home Help Team and we’ll do the leg work for you.

The Home Help Team will post your project and soon you’ll have multiple contractors bidding on your home project.

So stop chasing after the contractors – With our innovative “One-Two Punch” we will find you a Qualified Contractor and get you a Good Deal through our competitive bidding process. The power is now in your hands.


Save Big Money by using our competitive Bidding System. How else can you ever be sure that you’re getting a good deal? You need competitive bids. Be Confident knowing that all our contractors must be licensed and insured to be in our program (when applicable). Save Huge Time by having our Home Help Team get your needs analysis once and then all the contractors will use that information for bidding – no more repetitive scheduling. Your winning contractor will confirm the initial needs analysis before any contracts are signed. This innovative process using the Home Help Team is an important safe-guard against errors because it provides a checks-and-balances system.


There’s No Better Time To Do Your Home Project Than Right Now

This isn’t empty talk. A major problem with the Home Contracting industry has always been that there is no way to know that you’re getting a good deal. You might have gotten the best price among a few solid referrals, but that information pertains to only small number of potential contractors. Think about it. How do you know you got a good deal? You need a competitive bidding system so that many contractors can compete against each other for your project. That’s what we offer. Our innovative solution guarantees that you will be getting a good deal. Angie’s List can’t do that for you. Home Advisor can’t do that for you. Only Home Project Helpers provides a competitive bidding process for you.


Want to know what else we’ll do for you? Every contractor in our program needs to be licensed and insured, for applicable projects. Angie’s List doesn’t guarantee that. Home Advisor doesn’t guarantee that either. But Home Project Helpers sure does. That’s because we want to revolutionize the Home Contracting industry. So we need to do this smarter than everybody else. That’s why we’ve created a competitive bidding system so you can actually get a good deal. That’s why we require all our contractors to be licensed and insured to participate in our program, for applicable projects. And there’s one other important thing to know…


Only Home Project Helpers has the Home Help Team available for you as a resource. What does the Home Help Team do for you? The Home Help Team does all the following:


  • gets your needs analysis once and puts it up for bidding (no more scheduling with multiple contractors to go over the exact same information)

  • acts as a checks and balances to reduce errors (the winning contractor’s will confirm the initial needs analysis prior to any contracts being signed)

  • acts as a mediator between home-owner and contractor in case of disagreements