Traditional Approach vs Our Approach


Traditional Approach

Our Approach

You have an idea for a home project and begin asking family and friends for possible referrals.

You have an idea for a home project and go to and click on the Get Started button to schedule one appointment with the Home Help Team.

You spend an hour or two researching possible home contractors online, reading reviews and any other information you can find.

After gathering your needs, the Home Help Team posts your project on for bidding. You’ll be done in about an hour.

Schedule many appointments with contractors, rescheduling with them as needed. Traditionally, you’ll make 3 appointments.

Select the contractor you want to work with among those who bid. Meet with them to confirm the initial needs analysis before any contracts are signed. Know that the Home Help Team will always be available to you as the project moves forward, always helping to explain things as needed.

At each appointment, you dutifully repeat the same information to each contractor and grow more and more confused as each contractor does their best to sell you on their particular products and services. On average, it takes about 7 hours all told to go through the appointments.

You finally finish all your appointments and have all the quotes in hand. Your dismayed that all the quotes seem to be written using different jargon, so it proves difficult to compare apples to apples as you intended.

After many hours, you finally select the home contractor you want to work with. You are somewhat surprised that the people who begin work on your project are not the same people you’ve been talking to all along.

If you encounter any issue as the project unfolds, you are on your own.

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