City of Sun PrairieIf you are starting a home improvement project in the City of Sun Prairie, this lesson will help you learn when you need a permit and will answer some questions that you have about the permit process. It also provides other ways to discover more information if you cannot find everything that you need on this page. Good luck with your home improvement project!

City of Sun Prairie Permit Requirements

This article answers some of your most pressing questions regarding permits for home improvement projects. It addresses which projects require a permit, why permits are so vital, how long your permit is valid for, who should apply for the permit, how to close permits, and other important information for those renovating or remodeling the City of Sun Prairie. This article covers extremely important information for anyone who is thinking about or planning a home improvement project.

The Building Permit Application linked here: Building Permit Application City of Sun Prairie,  is the application for permits discussed in the article above and which must be used to apply for all building permits in the City of Sun Prairie.

To have a more in-depth look at what fees you will have to pay for your permit please look here: In this document, the fees that are required for each type of renovation and with each different type of dwelling are clearly explained.

If you were not able to find what you were looking for here, please use this contact information to have your questions or concerns addressed!contactus

For general questions or concerns:

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For questions or concerns regarding if or which permit you need or to turn in your permit application:

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Phone: 608.825.1160

Fax: 608.825.6879

For questions or concerns regarding building inspections:

Phone: 608.825.1184

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