Photo-Oct-24-3-42-57-PM-300x300If you are beginning a home improvement project in Middleton, review the material in this lesson to help you be prepared. It discusses when you will need a permit for a home improvement project and answers some of the most important questions that you have about applying for and receiving permits. Review the information below to help you be legally prepared for your remodel or renovation. Good Luck with your remodel or renovation!



Permit Requirements in Middleton

Read the article above to discover when you may need a permit, what inspections you must complete, and other important information you should know about permits before you begin your home improvement project in Middleton.


If you don’t find all of the information that you are looking for here, please use the contact information below to have all of your questions answered.

Building Inspection Department contactus

City of Middleton

7426 Hubbard Avenue

Middelton, WI 53562

Phone: 608.821.8370

Fax: 608.827.1080

Email: or



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