Increasing Your Home’s Value with Flooring


kjbWant to increase your home’s value? This article outlines several steps to take with your flooring to help you achieve this goal.

  • Improve Air Quality: First, have your air quality tested. If it needs to be improved, replace your carpeting with other flooring options.
  • afdasdFlooring Types: Some value-increasing flooring options include hardwood floors, hardwood, cork, or tiles.
  • Get Rid of Carpet: Having wall to wall carpeting will  actually decrease the value of your home. If you are going to replace it, replace it with the flooring options above or provide an allowance for future homeowners.

These steps will help you create a beautiful home and increase your home’s value. If you want more information, please check out the “‘I’ve Got Time’ Learning Center” when you are able to.





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