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dafkjbdaIf you want to make sure that your home is safe for you and your family, this article can help. The items described in this article can help you to increase your home’s security and your family’s safety.

  • Avoid Tall and Thick Shrubs: Tall and thick shrubs give thieves a place to hide in your yard, so make sure to trim your bushes and shrubs.
  • Close Your Blinds: Robbers look for homes that look empty and that have easy things to steal, so by leaving blinds open you are risking that thieves see that your home fits their criteria. By closing your blinds, you help reduce the risk your home will be robbed.
  • jhb;blGet a Dog: Dogs are a great security system. They bark at intruders, which alerts your neighbors and scares off intruders.
  • Minimize Access to Keys: Only give one key to people who need access to your home when you are not there. Also, when you are on vacation do not leave a hidden key outside of your home.
  • Metal Plate: Add a metal plate on the doorjamb where the lock slides in. This will instantly increase your door’s strength.
  • Floodlights: Floodlights are one of the best security measure for your home. They will detect any movement in your yard, alerting you and scaring off any thieves or intruders.
  • Set Timers: Set timers on your radios, lights, and televisions to simulate someone being home when you asfjare gone for extended periods of time.
  • Install Deadbolts: Deadbolts should be installed on every exterior door of your home to maximize protection. It greatly decreases the chance that someone will break into your home.
  • Avoid Routine: It can be hard to avoid routine, but routine gives robbers opportunity. Try to vary your arrival and departure times as much as possible.

These somewhat simple steps can help you to make your home and family safer and more secure. If you would like more information, please visit the “‘I’ve Got Time’ Learning Center” when you have time.





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