Beginning ContractingThe beginning of a home improvement project can be difficult. Trying to find a contractor, signing a contract, and beginning to establish what your project will entail can all be hectic and confusing. The following articles and videos can help your experience be productive and help mitigate some of the confusion and frustration you may feel. They discuss everything from how to hire a contractor to what you should include in your home improvement contract.

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Glossary of Contracting Terms

Before beginning your search for a contractor and signing a contract, make sure to look at this glossary. It compiles many of the important words that you should be aware of when looking for a contractor and signing a contract. Using this glossary, you can understand more about what you are looking for in a contractor, and therefore, have better success in finding a competent contractor.

Test Your Knowledge: Contracting Terms Quiz

Take this quiz to test your knowledge of terms you may come across as you look for a contractor and begin to work with them. These 5 questions can help you make sure that you are prepared as you begin your home improvement project process.


Contractor or Handyman?

If you’re looking to start a home improvement project, but don’t know whether you should hire a contractor or a handyman, watch this video. It discusses what the difference between a handyman and a contractor and the situations in which each should be used. Also, it discusses what to expect while hiring and working with either a handyman or a contractor.


Looking for a Contractor

The video above describes several steps you should take to find contractors that are right for your project. It outlines several things that you should do and look for throughout your search for the perfect contractor.


12 Questions to Ask a Contractor

Looking for a contractor? This video outlines twelve questions you should ask your possible contractors in order to determine whether they are the best contractor for the job. These questions will help you see if you and the contractor are on the same page and to determine that their policies are in line with your expectations.


5 Commonly Overlooked Questions to Ask Your Contractor

Before meeting with your contractor, watch this video to discover several questions to ask your possible contractors as you interview them. These questions will help you ensure that you are hiring the right contractor and can help you in your future interactions with them.


Tips on Hiring a Contractor

If you are looking  for a contractor, make sure to view the video above. It explains some important factors that your should consider while looking for a contractor. Make sure to do your research before hiring a contractor, get references, check reviews, and evaluate all of the different factors to establish who you hire.


Interviewing Your Contractor

If you are beginning interviews for contractors, this video will help you. It outlines many questions that you should ask your contractor, and why they should be asked. It will help you find a good contractor for your project.



Hiring the Right Contractor

Read this article to help learn how to hire a contractor with the qualifications and qualities that will allow them to finish your  project successfully. It lists questions to ask both your contractor and their references to ensure that you will be able to work with the contractor well and that they will be able to meet your expectations. It also explains which qualities should be present in your contractor, and which you should avoid.

Test Your Knowledge: Hiring the Right Contractor Quiz

Before you begin your search for your contractor, make sure that you have at least a basic knowledge of what to look for by taking this 5 question quiz!


What You Should Include in Your Home Improvement Contract

Explore the article above to learn which items and terms you should include in your contract with your contractor. These items will help you to have a secure and complete contract that will help you and your contractor have a productive project. The terms, if included, can help you communicate effectively and resolve any issues with your contractor.


Helpful Home Improvement Tips: Contracts

Have you found your contractor and are now signing a contract? This video helps you establish some of the most important items to include on your home improvement contract, specifically scope of work and schedule of work.


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