building-permit2There are many different permits, laws, and regulations that you and your contractor must follow when remodeling or renovating your home. Your contractor can help you understand the permits that you must obtain for your unique renovation. This course will also help you understand your requirements for both permits and regulations.  It explains when you need a permit and why it is imperative that you have one as well as other important information. Click on the cities’ names below to read more about each city’s permit requirements and other laws and regulations.



CIty of Madison Permits and RegulationsCity of Madison Permits and Regulations
Columbus Permits and Regulations  Columbus Permits and Regulations
Fitchburg Permits and Regulations Fitchburg Permits and Regulations
McFarland Permits and RegulationsMcFarland Permits and Regulations
Middleton Permits and Regulations Middleton Permits and Regulations
Sun Prairie Permits and Regulations Sun Prairie Permits and Regulations
Town of Sun Prairie Permits and Regulations  Town of Sun Prairie Permits and Regulations
Verona Permits and Regulations  Verona Permits and Regulations
Village of Marshall Permits and Regulations Village of Marshall Permits and Regulations


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