Want to save 5 to 30% on your home energy bill? A home energy audit can be the first step in decreasing your energy consumption, thereby helping the environment and helping you save money! Through this course, you will learn not only what a home energy audit is and entails, but also how to conduct a basic one yourself and what a professional audit may provide that your’s cannot. Each of the following articles and videos discusses the different aspects of a home energy audit and why it is a great investment.


Energy 101- Home Energy Audit

This great video explains not only why a home energy audit is so important, but also, how an audit is conducted and which parts of your home may be costing you money.


Walk Through Energy Audit

Unsure about what a home energy audit actually entails? This video talks you through, a step-by-step home energy audit. At each point the inspector discusses the effects of each of the areas that are seeping energy and how to counteract these effects.


Feel a draft? Try a Home Energy Audit

Wondering what different tools are used in a home energy audit and if it is actually worth it? This video talks with a real home energy audit customer and the professional auditor he worked with. They discuss the benefits of the home audit and how the auditor determines which aspects are the most beneficial to renovate.


Home Energy Audits

The video above describes many ways that a home energy audit could help you to improve your home and save you money. It walks you several things you or a professional can look for in your home to increase your home’s energy efficiency and decrease the amount that you pay on your energy bill.


Home Energy Audits

This article discusses home energy audits and answers many questions that people have about them. The article is a great resource for those wanting to discover how to improve their energy efficiency.

Test Your Knowledge: Home Energy Audit Quiz

Now that you have read the articles above and watched the videos, test your home energy audit with this quiz! These 5 questions will help you to determine whether you are prepared for your home energy audit.


Home Energy

We believe it important that consumers have knowledge prior to spending their hard-earned money. Too often, the home renovation and home energy industry has relied upon jargon to confuse people for purposes of separating them from their money without full understanding.

As a way to change things, we've created the concept of Bytes - which are bundles of information that are to be learned from. We so believe in this concept that we even provide a points system so that you can not only learn for your project's benefit, but for your own benefit as well.


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