Home Project Helpers- How it All Began

What happens when you mix a technological guru with a contractor?  Innovation, that’s what!  Home Project Helpers is like one of those crazy science experiments gone all kinds of right.

While many companies get their start in a garage, Home Project Helpers started in a basement.  Well, kind of.  Picture a murky, flooded basement.  A giant, musty, mess.  Yep, that was us in a nutshell, back in 2008 when nature decided to play its hand, flood a basement, and cause a chain of events to unravel that led to the discovery of defective roofing shingles.  The old adage is certainly true… when it rains it pours.

The bidding battle began, involving scheduling nightmares and meeting with several contractors, each of which required a 2-4 hour window around the appointment.  Who has time for that?

What resulted from inconvenience and frustration was a melding of minds between homeowner and contractor, both of whom had a vision to improve the contract bidding process into a streamlined experience that would be more efficient for all parties involved.  For anyone who has ever gone through the whole process of starting a project at home, we get it.  It can be an intimidating and frustrating process, and we know all too well (because we’ve been there ourselves) time consuming.

The inception of Home Project Helpers came about through sheer luck and blind determination.  We wanted to create a process that would streamline the process, be beneficial to homeowners and contractors, and also serve as a positive model for

Home Project Helpers Way- 1 Visit, Multiple Bids

In order to help others avoid the frustrations we had experienced, we developed the concept of a contractor bidding system that helps home owners save time and money.  We know time is valuable, so why should homeowners waste multiple hours of multiple days waiting around to get bids from several different contractors?  Since the average contracted project receives 3 bids,  that would mean three 2-4 hour time-frames were needed with the old way of doing things.  That adds up to 2-3 days of missed work and playing the waiting game.  We knew there was a better way.

FREE Home Energy Inspections

We’re all about reducing wasted resources.  Home energy usage is something that is manageable and can often be improved with a Home Energy Inspection.  Since we provide free Home Energy Inspections, we’re able to help homeowners every single day find out how efficient their home energy usage is and if they could be doing anything differently to save energy (and money).  Just like you, we believe strongly in protecting our resources.

Department of Vocational Rehabilitation

We work with the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) to offer jobs to determined individuals with a disability.  Supporting the community and providing job opportunities for skilled laborers who perform quality work is one way we’re able to give back.

Habitat for Humanity ReStore

Reduce, reuse, recycle, ReStore.  Home Project Helpers is proud to support ReStore, reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills, and support the local community.

If you haven’t been to Habitat’s ReStore, it is definitely worth checking out.  The store is filled with just about everything needed for a room remodel, and includes both new and used donated items like doors, cabinets, hardware, sinks, lighting and more.  The proceeds from all sales at ReStore go to help fund 3 new Habitat for Humanity homes per year in Dane County.  Now, that rocks.

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