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Find All The Jargon Confusing?

You’re not the only one. Our #1 priority is you, the home-owner. We care about your experience so much we provide a Learning Center for you so you can be informed before making a bid!

Our Value Matrix

 Heroic Customer Support

Need help with your home project? Have questions about getting the right dimensions? Our heroic Home Help Team is itching to help you out.

 Gorgeous Results for Less

You deserve gorgeous results for your home project. Our quick and easy process makes hiring a home contractor a breeze. And it won’t break the bank.

 Proudly Endorsed by HPH

Home Project Helpers is the only company that provides both a bidding process as well as the Home Help Team. We allow only insured, licensed contractors to participate in our system (as applicable).

 A Vibrant Global Community

Home Project Helpers is a vibrant community for home contractors. You’ll be joining an elite group of like-minded people whose commitment to your professional is equal to your own.

 A Profound Difference

Our process for bidding on home contractors has been specially selected to offer you the best deal while ensuring high quality work, helping you move forward with your project in confidence.

 Effortless Process

Home Project Helpers provides online bidding and a Home Help Team ready and willing to assist you at a moments notice. This makes it easy for you to get the contractor you want.

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